The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what we do. The goal is to do business with people who believe what we believe.

We want to make amazing projects

From world renown brand to early stage startup, we don't put boundaries on the type of clients we work with. As long as the project requires creativity and innvovation we will be thrilled to step outside our comfort zone to discover a whole new project.


Your Challenge and Goals

Maybe you need a trusted team to handle your many ongoing projects. Or look for a jelled team with multi-expertise to take care of your complex project. Perhaps, you search for a dedicated professional to maintain your project on daily basis, or you have a whole ‘nother kind of problem. Whatever your challenge is, we are here to find a working solution.


Evaluation and Adapting

Industries, technologies and business needs are rapidly evolving these days. What every partnership needs in order to work out, is constantly assess the changes and adapt in a timely manner.


Collaboration and Bonding

Trust and smooth workflow are of paramount importance to us and to you, we believe. Once we start collaborating, both our teams will spend some time jelling and adjusting in order to develop a strong and healthy B2B relationship.

Still doubt? Let's have a Pilot Project

We’ll give you the opportunity to evaluate our work via a pilot project and see if we are the right partner for your business. A pilot project could be the coding of 1 homepage, a specific feature, or just the progress we’ve made for 8 working hours. This way you’ll get an idea about the quality of our work, the communication process, and everything else that is essential to you.